About Gaming and Tech Network:

Our mission statement is as follows:

To provide a community-based news/article website around games and technology.

Our mission statement pretty much explains what we want to achieve with this site.  We have always felt that people want to be spending more time gaming and playing with technology rather than trawling through long news stories so one of our first aims was to eliminate this.  We know how frustrating it can be to find relevant gaming news and information in a quickly accessible and readable format and this is something we are hoping to try and tackle in the future with Hot Press, a weekly round up of the best gaming and tech news on the planet.

You may be wondering why a website would incorporate gaming and technology in one place however we feel that technology is having more and more of a role in gaming in our modern society.  The classic example being the recent releases of Move for the PS3 and Kinect for the Xbox 360.  Plus most PC owners are into tech having either dabbled in altering parts inside their rigs or building them from scratch.  What better way to find time for both hobbies than to have both gaming and technology news and articles all in one place.

Meet the Team:

Alexander “AJ” Bridgwood: Editor and Founder

John Mahoney: News Editor and Founder

Jonathan Hill: Writer

Kieffer Wilson: Writer

Alexandria Howell: Writer