Alexander ‘AJ’ Bridgwood: Editor and Founder

I started gaming a number of years ago and my love for gaming has increased ever since.  I enjoy playing all manner of genres and have been keen in recent years to expand my gaming experiences having dabbled into the online worlds of gaming.  I love the sense of community that gaming has and me and Akardo have both come from these communities online, most notably in Team Fortress 2.

Recently as technology has started to become more prominent in our lives I have also taken to this area.  I am keen to keep up to date with the new technology out there and try to keep as up to date on this area as possible.  I recognise how much technology is starting to cross into gaming and how much it will evolve and possibly revolutionise the way we game.  Whilst I still love good old fashioned gaming with a keyboard and mouse I am entirely open to new ways of playing if they enhance my experiences as a gamer.

As well as playing games in my spare time I enjoy writing articles, riding my motorbikes, traveling and reading.  I am also Editor of the magazine for the Virago Star Owners Club, a Parish Councillor and currently undertaking my Duke of Edinburgh.