Jonathan Hill: Writer

First and foremost I am a cynic, where everyone is keen to lap up every press release I like to read between the lines and think the worst of things. I also have a rather dark sense of humour, so don’t take anything I say too seriously (unless I am writing a serious piece, in which case you should take it very seriously indeed).

My first experience of gaming came when the family got a SEGA Master System II for Christmas (with Alex Kidd built in!), but it wasn’t long before we got a PC with a then state of the art 100MHz CPU and 8MB of RAM (yes that is MHz you young whipper-snappers!). Doom was installed and I didn’t look back.

I like Science Fiction TV/Films/Books (though it is hard to find good ones on TV these days, as they are mostly just dramas set in the future). I am also a bit of a tech addict, I like my gadgets. After my PC the one I would least like to go without is my phone, no my kindle, my netbook? I just can’t decide. The only thing you will not see me with is an Apple product, the hardware is nice, but I don’t like their model (see paragraph one).