4 comments on “Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  1. “Since the game is entirely from the first person perspective,”

    Not entirely.

    Hate to nitpick, but as the Third Person Cover is one of the things I hate about the game I have to point this one out.

    • Very valid point. I had forgotten about the pov change when I was writing this. I’ll be sure to update the post to reflect this. Thank you for catching my mistake.

  2. Very nice. I loved the original and looked forward to this one. I appreciate the flexibility in character development and customization in games like Bioware’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age and so many other games which let you be more a character rather than a pilot. I’ll definitely be checking this one out, if not only for the “gun toting, eye patch wearing Hispanics”!

    Looking forward to future reviews from you, especially since they are well written and descriptive.

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