3 comments on “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

  1. One thing you don’t mention is how glitch free the game is on the new* engine. I’m playing through New Vegas at the moment and even after several patches there are still crazy physics bugs with corpses flying away into the sunset**, radscorions running at you on their side and once I saw a dog who’s eyes were floating a foot to his right rather than in their sockets where they should be.

    Have you noticed much of this craziness in Skyrim?

    *Same engine, new name, a few more pretties.
    ** I was cautiously approaching a dead body lying in the middle of the road, they had clearly been ambushed and I did not want the same to happen to me, when it shuddered, bounced, and then flew right past me. I nearly shat myself.

    • A good point. But, as I’m sure you’re aware, I couldn’t cover everything in less than 900 words, so I am considering doing a part 2 which may cover more-or-less everything. Skyrim uses a new engine, called the Creation Engine, which they supposedly made from new, but there are still some of the same glitches from the previous Bethesda games. One of which I’ve found recently was when you pick up or move something on a table and the rest of the items start hovering – a glitch I remember from Oblivion, and Fallout.

      Another glitch I came across was when a bandit fell into water and couldn’t get out, so he would just kind of look at me (as you can’t wield weapons while in water), eventually I walked off and came back and he had gone back to where he started on a bridge, but other bandits around started swimming – on land – towards me, which was a little odd. I have run into a few other little things, but they’re pretty much the worse, so I am pretty happy with it so far.

      It’s a new engine, you can’t dispute that, but it has been created by the same people who made the previous one, and it has been made purposely for pretty much the same game. So some of it is probably copy and pasted, other bits are slightly rewritten. It looks awesome and it has got a few bugs (like all engines), but it is improved. Although, at this point I clocked about 30-hours in-game, so got another 300-odd to go, who knows what stuff I’ll run into.

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