3 comments on “X-Men: Destiny Review

  1. I think this game, as with many other movie tie-ins, just goes to show that developers still can’t get it right. Of course the obvious exception being Batman: Arkham Asylum and no doubt the upcoming Akrham City.

    It does seem a shame though since they had the opportunity to have a bit of creative license with this game yet they still chose to stick to the basics!

    • I actually think movie Tie-ins have the potential to be very good. If you look at the past X-Men games you’ll see that most of them actually have decent reviews, even the movie tie ins! But this game was actually more of a comic tie-in than movie.
      And Arkham City is just….*drools*

      • You may well have a point, the Wolverine one wasn’t bad from what I saw in the demo and from reviews. Nothing seems to be beating Batman: Arkham City though!

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