4 comments on “The Fallout MMO May Finally Be Brought Into This World

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  2. While you could take it this way I personally have a different view of what this means.
    If anything this news means there is less chance of a Fallout MMO, Bethesda acquired these rights to stop anyone else making a Fallout MMO, not because the want to make one themselves. I could be wrong of course but Bethesda have not exactly been known for anything other than single player games and at least Interplay did express an interest in making the MMO. All Bethesda have done is stop Interplay doing that.

    • You could be quite right here and it also begs the question of would it be right to actually release a new MMO into an already swelled marketplace? There’s an even greater number coming out this year and unless they had dramatic changes to the existing MMO formula I doubt it would see a sharp uptake in players. Perhaps it would be best to keep the focus on Fallout being a singeplayer game. Would be fun with co-op though and the same for Skyrim to be honest.

  3. Well they were actually working on an MMO for fallout before this whole dispute happened so…it seems like they would. It would be nice to have a new original game though.

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