12 comments on “The New iPad, iOS5.1, and Apps Announced!

  1. i wish I waited until the iPad 3 to get the iPad 2 because the prices went down… I never can wait for the next generation because I love Apple !

    • Their hardware is excellent, I got the iPad 1 about two weeks before this time last year, even though I knew they were about to announce the second-gen… Now really miles behind!

      • I agree. I have the iPad 1 which is great, but I kind of regret it, should have waited. Their products are amazing, definitely an Apple fan 🙂

      • As I saw: hardware is excellent, but I have trouble with the software, namely iTunes. Had lots of troubles in the past, but not enough to stop me using the iPads or iPhones.

      • The only problem I have is mainly with the internet. When I open safari some stupid thing pops up everytime about the community tool bar… I have no idea what it is, but nothing bad happens. it’s just annoying. Sometimes my iTunes doesn’t make the connection that my iPhone is plugged into my computer, but I just replug it back in.

      • My problems are just silly things that should be simple, like it being stupidly awkward to sync parts of my phone (like just the music library) without wiping the that is on the phone but doesn’t match up in the iTunes library.

        Although, while I’m not familiar with Safari outside of iProducts, sounds like some silly installed apps or malware, should be a fix online somewhere, or a reinstall would probably fix it – if that helps 🙂

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