5 comments on “Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard

  1. It’s a nice and cool keyboard but there are some shortcomings too imho. Here is my opinion about it (not all bad):

    The light level on the keys are really rather dim. Having the keyboard in front of just a monitor (with say the usual standard of all these white background webpages – thankfully not this webpage!), will ‘drown’ the lights! Same if you use it during daytime with much light (but that last one is probably not much of a problem anyway :P). The light level on the LCD is okay thoughl
    (Btw, the keys don’t glow in black – that’s just not possible, well not yet anyway. They may be very dim (gray-ish), but not black.).

    Still – the RGB lights are cool, no escaping that! My #1 reason for buying it, along with the LCD πŸ™‚

    Then there is the “space bar issue”. They (Logitech) managed to put not one, but three buttons under the spacebar. And of course they are independent buttons! Can you imagine what happens if you depress the spacebar slightly un-evenly? Like say a bit on the side? Right. You get more spaces than you wanted. Usually two, sometimes even three.. And maybe sometimes just the one. There is a thread here with a solution of sorts at the end here:


    As for typing on it, I would also say it’s just the same as most other keyboards I have tried – which excludes mechanical keyboards as I have not tried those. IE just these, I don’t know what they are called, ‘rubber buttons below the keys’-keybord. At least that’s what I suspect they are.

    Also, it’s a bit awkward to use in the beginning, as the left shift, tab, ESC keys etc are not at the far left anymore, but that of course is just due to the G-keys. I would want a little wider gap between the ordinary keys and the G-keys, but that would also make it a bit wider, and it’s pretty wide as it is.

    I have to say I like that there are three G-keys in a row, which makes it possible to remap WSAD if one wants to, for example.

    I also like that the keyboard layout is a standard layout (with the addition of the G-keys of course, and then the multimedia keys). The ‘disable windows’-switch is just brilliant!

    In addition there is in fact on-board storage to store profiles! Not much (30-32 kiB/kB or something).
    There is also something about profiles that is not stored in them, I don’t remember atm as there is a while ago I messed with it. Maybe the LUA scripts (not sure).

    Which brings me to the LUA scripting, not something I have meddled with a lot, just smallish tests but at least there is a possibility to make LUA scripts. Which is nice!

    Oh, one more thing that comes to mind, the buttons on the LCD panel could really use some improvements. For one they could debounce them! (So you don’t get multiple presses for each press)

    The build quality could be a bit better too (yes, price – quality etc.. also with my rather little use I have managed to break off one of the legs under it, but then they are pretty fragile on most keyboards I guess).

    But, all in all I’m pretty happy with it, my first gaming keyboard btw. But, like you, it’s because I got it on discount (only that in Norway that ment that instead of paying something like $175, I paid $105, almost a year ago).

    • Thanks for the vary honest opinion! Though, your space bar issue confuses me… I had to double check to make sure, but as far as the G510 I am using goes, there are no buttons underneath the space bar.

      The brightness on the keys could be a little better, I won’t disagree, but back when I was using a Razer keyboard, and even with the G15, the keys were just entirely too bright. I usually sit in the dark, and I really don’t find their brightness to be an issue, however, it could also be the color that I am using for them.

      • Too bright lights presumably can be dimmed (I have never had the Razor nor G15, so I don’t really know about those), but the other way is a bit harder. But I agree that also can be a problem (but not on my G510).

        I’m sure you have at least one button in your space bar, or else it would be kinda hard to separate words when you write πŸ˜‰ Maybe ‘button’ was a poor choice of words. In this case its a rubber switch thingy that is depressed by the keys on the keyboard and makes electrical contact. The G510 space bar have three, the only keyboard I have seen that have (has?) that!

        And as for the space bar, I have now found out three new things:

        1 – I have figured out what it takes to finally(?) fix it like I should have done in the beginning, after almost a year, namely, write a comment about it and getting a response, lol πŸ™‚

        2 – I have to go back on one thing I said – the three buttons underneath the space bar are not independent after all. I was so sure, as I got multiple spaces all the time.

        3 – I’m not so sure the issue is fixed after all… but it might be improved (or so I hope).

        I opened it up for the second time (I don’t really like to do it with nice things that work…well, work-ish in this case), and this time I cut off the two things that stick down and press the ‘space bar side buttons’. I took a picture of it (and added a little warning about what NOT to remove, as they fix the space bar in place. Plus of course do not snap off the middle one either – the last / middle space bar button):

        The three squares visible on the keyboard will be under the space bar key, and they are what I called (rubber) buttons. Btw the ones on each side of the space bar are also shorter than the middle one.

        And this time while I was at it, I tested the buttons and found they are not independent, so you will in fact NOT get another space if a space bar button is pressed while another one is already pressed down. Which makes it more of a mystery as to why it happens really. But it does.

        In fact as I write this post, I still get a few double spaces even after snapping those off. And now also the occasional no-space. So I’m not really sure the problem is fixed after all. Time will tell.

        And btw I’m sure doing this voids the warranty too, and might not be for everybody. Especially since it didn’t fix the problem entirely! Now I’m thinking its a debounce problem. But I’m not convinced of that either – the other keys seems okay but maybe the space bar is made different.

        (Sorry for the long-ish post).

      • Not a problem at all! Your posts are at least entertaining to read and its always refreshing to hear what other people have had for experiences with a product! I had also entirely misunderstood what you meant about the three buttons under the space bar. I can’t say that I’ve had an issue with it yet, and I do *a lot* of typing for both GTN and work in general, but that is not to say that the problem does no exist. There is also a difference in manufacturing date, which does mean that there could have been improvements made, without mention of said improvements.

        If you get bored, check out https://gamingandtechnetwork.com/2012/11/05/a-view-from-a-different-perspective/

        Its a new project I’m working on for GTN. I want to hear what other people have to say about their games πŸ™‚

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